Paws And Purrs Cat Hotel

Paws & Purrs Cat Shelter

A place where they call home.

At Paws & Purrs, we are not only a business establishment. For the past several years, we also started our own shelter to help house a group of stray cats.

Like your cat, these kitties wanted to be love. They deserve a nice place to be called home.

Currently we managed to create a safe heaven for 30 cats in our establishment. All of them are well taken care of vaccinated and had been neutered.

The cost of maintaining this cause is significant. We did manage to maintain the facilities from our own revenues from the services we provided and good will of our friends.

But, as the cost kept increasing, we need help.

If your kind soul loves cats as much as we do and wanted to give them decent life, without having to handle the tough works yourself, we are glad to receive your help and donation.

Your donation to our cause will be very meaningful to us and the little kitties at our shelter!

Help us to help them.

Your donation will help in maintaining the shelter, cost of food and health well being.

Steps for Donation

1. Click “Donate Now”

2. Fill in the amount that you want to donate and fill in your name, email & phone number.

3. Choose your bank of choice

4. Click “Proceed” and continue accordingly.